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  1. I placed the order 11016 on 30th June and made a payment. I have not received delivery of the product. Please advise

    1. Hello Mike,

      Upon checking, we discovered that your order 11016 has been lost in transit, we have decided to reship another one for you.

      Please check your email.

  2. Please, I need help with my Sabinetek SmartMike+.
    I bought this product for yoga class. At first it was working ok but now it is not working anymore.
    Once connected to a power plug, it works, when you press the red button in the left side, it activates all the functions. And if you don’t touch the red button it shows a stable green light.
    But the minute we unplug from the power source, it does not work anymore, all lights are off, I try to turn it on by pressing the red button on the left side or by pressing and holding the red button on the left side and NOTHING happens.
    Please help me fix it or send a replacement. Please contact me by email.
    Could you please send me a free replacement ASAP?
    Thank you,

    1. Hi,Rosanse
      According to your description, I cannot confirm the product problem
      So I hope you follow my instructions and try it again
      First, you are using PC to open this link to download the upgrade program and install it on the computer
      Then you plug the SmartMike+ into the computer with a USB cable
      Click the installed upgrade program to upgrade the Product
      It may solve your problem

  3. Customer support is not responding to my emails. I have a SmartMike+ that is broken and needs to be replaced. Please help!

    1. Hi ,Steven
      What is the reason for your SmartMike+ damaged?
      Please describe the reasons and usage problems in detail, we will deal with them as appropriate

      1. On 7/31/20 I submitted the following:
        I received my smartmike+ on 7/16/20. My wife has been using it for two weeks for her zoom music class. This morning (7/31) the red on/off button disappeared into the body of the devise so it cannot be turned on. What’s next?

        On 7/31/20 you replied:
        Non Technical Issues Submission #84575273
        Hello Steven,

        We apologize for the inconvenience. To assist you further,

        Can you please send us a photo and video of the faulty/damaged item(s) you received and we’ll do our best to resolve this as soon as possible.

        Thank you.

        Best Regards,

        On 7/31/20 I replied:

        Here are three photos of the device. You can see the on/off button is now in the body of the device. I pushed it down and it has now disappeared into the body. This was on invoice 11538.

        Thanks for your help. Please advise my next step.

        8/17/20 – The photos that I attached to my 7/31/20 will not copy to this web page. Please refer to the email dated 7/31/20 sent to

        Thank you.

        1. Another week has gone by and no input from Sabinetek on my emails or this web site. It has been over 3 weeks since I initially reported my Smart Mike was broken. No reply with any direction from Sabinetek. Are you guys still in business?

  4. I purchased this device to do Facebook Live. Is it able to do?

    1. Yes,of course,You need to buy one pair;
      Happy shopping

  5. Hi dear,
    I bought your Smartimike Plus microphone.I am very happy of It with my work as a Fitness Blogger (I teach at the University of Sport in Italy).
    However, I have a problem: using the microphone in Real TimeMixing mode after about 10 minutes it starts to not work probably due to battery exhaustion. 
    Is it possible to implement battery life (with some extrabattery packs) or do you have a SmartMike Plus with longer life? T
    hanks again and congratulations on your product!
    Prof. Paolo Evangelista

    1. Hi,Paolo
      Sorry for the battery life issue that bothered you,Battery charging time is very short 40 minutes,Fully charged can last 5-6 hours
      I think you should fully charge it before use,There is no better way to increase battery life for the time being.
      we may make improvements in the future. Thank you very much for your support

  6. I have bought a product from your company. It’s not working properly and I’d like some help.

    1. Hi,Torleif
      You can buy it in our new online-store
      Happy shopping

    2. Hi,Torleif
      What is the problem with the product?can you description it?

  7. Good day.

    Thank you for your email, now I recieved the product smartmikeplus invoice 12088.

    I create video the content is all about the different set up.. Kindly check this link

    Can we help each other to promote your product, and everytime Filipino here from philippines inquires about the smartmike, can you give my video, as their preference.

    Thank you and God bless 

    1. Hi,First of all thank you for the video, it’s great.
      Your idea is also very good,We will recommend your video to Filipinos, hope you can help us to promote it

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